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Shane Genziuk Speaking at the Festival of Ideas 2013

Shane Genziuk Hi all,

Just a quick note extending you an invitation to attend this years Festival of Ideas on the Tuesday the 1st of October. Get yourself down to the Clarendon Auditorium at the Melbourne Convention Centre (AKA Jeff’s Shed), for what will be a great meeting of minds.

The reason why I’m sending this out is because I have been selected as one of the presenters, in what will be an incredible opportunity to share my experiences with the Ground to Ground initiative, collecting coffee grounds for my own garden, and and on establishing sustainable practices in the suburbs.

There is also the chance that I will pass out in front of the 500 strong audience, and that would almost be worth taking the day off, or for my friends overseas, throwing away a couple of grand for plane tickets.

Bad Dad jokes are also likely, and my only prop is an onion. What more could you ask for? Actually, one of my chickens might make a surprise visit – Jeez I told her to stay at home but when does she ever listen to me. As stubborn as a mule I tells ya. But you know, she’s an independant female that drops an egg for me every now and again, why shouldn’t she take the day off? What’s so wrong that she can’t perch up on a headrest to support her man?

Ummm, Tickets for the festival are free, and you can find the link here.


Festival of ideas

About the Festival of Ideas

On the 1st of October 2013 the University of Melbourne will be joining with the Festival of Ideas to host a dozen ‘RE-shapers’ who are creating or imagining something different, effecting change where they are located, or trying something new to help RE-shape the world towards sustainability. Melbourne is a fantastic city with exciting art, an innovative CBD city council, and start up environmental groups growing out of the lanes and spaces of the city.

We aim to capture some of this excitement in a day-long celebration of human endeavours to engage with and shape practices towards sustainability. We intend to invoke the spirited and inspiring atmosphere of TED talks, both with a diverse and enthusiastic audience and through the process of documenting ideas to inspire future generations to come.

The local focus of the competition is on action. Talks will be dynamic and inspiring. Come and hear the latest ideas from the RE-shapers of today and tomorrow. Be inspired and consider how you can be a RE-shaper too! Morning tea and lunch provided.

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