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The Polystyrene Beehive Project – Part 1

What to do on a Sunny Spring day with a few hours to spare? Build a beehive of course, what were you thinking!

Keeping with the theme of building stuff from scrap, such as those tire ponds, a spare couple of polystyrene containers was all I needed to make a start. And some wood, a hammer, nails, glue, toothpicks…

So there will be a post in good time that steps through how it was built, however that won’t be until bees are in it. You see, it the bees don’t find it for themselves, at some point the chickens and I will destroy it with extreme prejudice. And then the chickens will eat the polystyrene. Somehow, they really do like eating it.

So in the meantime, please enjoy some of the distractions on display during the above mentioned bee hive construction. Just so much going on out there, as the soil warms and the days grow longer, an explosion of color and movement finds a place in home.

And to finish – the latest in lawn mowing technology.

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