Ground to Ground

Coffee Grounds at the Festival of Ideas

Quick update folks – here is the video of my presentation at the Festival of Ideas 2013. I spoke about 3 things – my love of gardening, discovery of coffee grounds, and founding Ground to Ground. Overall I was happy with it. A couple of things to change for next time but on the whole my audience enjoyed it and so did I.

So what did I learn from it all? Well I got to meet and hear from Angelo Eliades at Deep Green Permaculture, who is my sustainability hero. Many of his garden designs were adapted into mine, and for that I owe him a debt of gratitude. In fact, some of his cuttings have become established plants in my garden including the front yard Pepino Gold.

There were plenty of other speakers at the event who are inspirational people, and their message is that any individual can make a difference.

Oh, and if you like it, remember that I am available for weddings, parties, and bucks nights. You buy the ticket and I’ll be there!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Grounds at the Festival of Ideas

  1. Still use coffee chaff,coffee waste on my garden. I have no problems with this mulch & compost. I will be adding animal manure to the mix, because a friend has more then he can use. So why let it go to waste.


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