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I receive a fair number of requests to feature on this website, so thought this would be a welcome guide for those of you looking to contribute.

Not only do I want one off articles – I am looking for permanent members to join this site and help me publish quality stories.

Benefits of Becoming a Regular Author for Ground to Ground

Ground to Ground has been around since 2010 and is the world’s only dedicated website into the use of coffee grounds for gardening purposes and pretty much any other purpose. Over the years, 500+ articles have been published here, adding up to over 200,000 words, thousands of comments from regular readers, hundreds of images, videos, and a rubber chicken. So here is what I can offer you by becoming a regular contributor.

  • You will get your own login to the site and author rights to each and every article you write.
  • Awesome exposure to a continually expanding global audience.
  • Receive recognition and appreciation from a loyal audience, for now and at least the next few thousand years (In the digital world your words are immortal).
  • Make a difference in the lives of people from all over the world, whether it is sharing your insights, observations, good humour, or just by posting photos of watching the grass grow.


Your post should have something of the following:

  • Coffee Grounds (for gardening use primarily but whatever)
  • Composting and home made fertilizer
  • Food you grow from home
  • Vermicomposting
  • Aquaponics
  • Sustainability or Environmentalism
  • The philosophy of gardens
  • Re-use and Recycling themes
  • Nature focused poetry, images, video

If you are new to writing for the web – this is a great article to read up on 9 Ways to Become an Exceptional Guest Poster on ProBlogger. While I’m not looking for Guest Bloggers and the soul destroying, bland vomit style of insidious filth they all write in, some of the tips are still relevant.


If you have an idea that fits into one of those topics, Email Me your pitch. When we’ve agreed to the topic and other details, I’ll give you author rights to let you craft a masterpiece. And from then on you can publish your own stories and images! I might make small changes here and there as the site editor, but only if it really needs it (or I’m bored).

And that is that – hope to hear from you some time, and if writing is not your thing then stick around and browse. Stay as long as you like.

Gardening with coffee grounds

22 thoughts on “Write for us!

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  3. I really appreciate the work you’re doing, and it’s about time I said thank you! Your blog and the energy behind it have really inspired me.

    I’m an expat in Kyoto, Japan and it’s been my dream to help keep spent coffee grounds from going into the city’s incinerators. Kyoto is striving to reduce waste and to be a ‘green’ city in general. That has also spurred me on.

    My wife and I finally got into gear two months ago when a farmer answered a free classified ad offering free used coffee grounds for compost that we’d placed online. That was what we needed to get going, and three weeks later she picked up the 43 kilos we’d collected to that point from local shops.

    Thankfully, she wants much more than that-she mentioned needing a ton or so! So we are loving cycling around Kyoto to the 14 cafes we’ve signed up so far. We’re collecting about 300 kilos a month now, and I’m afraid that we’ll soon put ourselves out of business! 🙂 Hopefully we will succeed in attracting other farmers to take our grounds.

    We don’t charge anybody for what we do, as we want to spread this idea as widely as possible, and collect as much as we can. We will do our best to get other farmers on board, as signing up cafes has been surprisingly easy. When we get more farmers, we’ll get back to recruiting cafes and offices, etc.

    We chose the name mame-eco for our project. Mame(mah-may) is Japanese for ‘bean’ and ‘eco’ refers to sustainability and environmentally friendly activity.

    I continue to check your blog regularly to keep myself motivated during those inevitable ‘dips’ when progress isn’t coming as quickly as I’d like and doubt and frustration creep in, and it always helps get me over the hump!

    Ookini(Kyoto dialect for arigato),
    Gary Bloom


  4. If you use Epson salt can it be the one that has Epilepticus or lavender in it. Or does it have to be just Epson salt


  5. I am interested in beginning a coffee ground collection service in the American South and am interested in obtaining more information about Ground to Ground as well as writing about this journey to convince a region of the importance of collection.

    Thank you for your time


  6. Dear Editor, Author, or persons authorized to give copyright permission.

    I am writing to you to get the permission to use your articles in my book The Foodpedia Fresh Fruits and Vegetables books series and other books will follow, on the history of other items in the food world. That will help the people of the world to eat and stay Healthier.

    I care and I hope you care about passing on to the new generation to stay Healthier.


    I am writing these books to “give back” my knowledge to the next generation of people, all over this world. I am writing these books to educate the people about the advantages of eating “Fresh Fruits” and “Fresh Vegetables” and how they can help themselves to have a healthier body, and the foods that are not good for a healthy body.

    I got your name from the website. On the Fruit you wrote about. I have your name on the information that I used, so that you will get all the credit on it. I do not want the credit for your works. You’re the one that did all the research on the food items. I have to rely on you for all this knowledge and your researchers.

    I praise you for this, that is why I want you to get all the credit you put in to these articles.
    I have to rely on your help to teach and training our next generation to live healthier. Then living on all this junk food and all the chemical’s they put into the foods we eat today.
    That is why we are the product of this generation of obesity etc. We have to help our new generation to eat and stay healthier so they can have a better life, then being sick and overweight all the time.
    The world is changing and we have to change with it NOW for our kid’s sake.

    This is the 21st Century NOW, and we have to do something about it NOW!
    I am on a movement (mission) of caring and share to help, not to make the same mistake this generation and our pass generations has made, to help them live healthier lives better then we did.

    But I need your help to get this mission (movement) going. I need your permission to let this happen, to use your research in food, to train and educate the people of the world to eat healthier.

    Remember the people will go to your website for more updates. Because you are always updating it, that I cannot do.
    Can you please e-mail the permission letter to authorize me to use your articles in my books (The History of Fresh Fruits. { Foodpedia The History of Fresh Fruit }) I have about 130 chapters of some of the fresh fruit used around the world, with over 5,000 color pictures, and about 5,000 pages).
    Can you please email {foodpediapjh@gmail.com } with your permission to use your articles so we can help the this and the next generation to live and be healthier.

    Thank You Chef Paul J. Hintersteiner

    Enclosed is the website of the articles I need permission on


  7. I’m interested in writing guest post about coffee niche in your site, what style of writing do you prefer, and how do you pick articles I must send you a simple of the writing?


  8. Hello,

    I would be interested in contributing to this blog and sharing your work in general with others. Merriam Station Community Garden in St. Paul, MN has been recycling coffee grounds from area coffee shops for the past year and a half (roughly 400 lbs/week year round). We’ve used it to build hot compost piles and to reclaim land and build planting berms with sheet composting (lasagna gardening). Some gardeners also use the grounds on their individual plots. Last year we hosted a vermiculture workshop in collaboration with the University of St. Thomas. They compost all of the St. Paul campus coffee grounds (and only coffee grounds, the rest of their organics go to animal farms) using worm bins. We wanted to learn how to use this method to recycle all of the coffee grounds we pick up. We have a ways to go before this operation would be a well-oiled machine. In the meantime, we want to learn about and demonstrate a variety of ways in which this resource can be used within our neighborhood.

    I love the name of your blog. I had a similar idea. I had once envisioned schools hosting a coffee grounds composting operation where kids could learn about soil. I wanted to call it “School Grounds.” While we have worked to some extent with schools on composting, we haven’t developed this particular idea yet.

    Rebekah Smith
    Composting Coordinator
    Merriam Station Community Garden

    University of St. Thomas Worm Composting

    Personal Blog
    Two People & a Cat


  9. FOR THOSE OF ”’YOU”’ HERE GO TO______The National Library of Poetry
    washington D.C. L@@K—-Up I. S, B. N. 1- 884257-31-3 MY LAST BOOK.
    ””NOW”” WORKING ON 3Rd–BOOK………


  10. ”’WELL”’ I’d love too, I’m 71-with years of experience in many fields. PLUS ‘I’ HAVE
    2—TWO Published books. So if ‘i’ can help—————–R.S.V.P.


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