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Coffee Grounds For Compost and the Garden

Welcome to the Ground to Ground website, delivering expert news, views, research, and general information on the reuse of coffee grounds for compost and gardening. This site is the most comprehensive, authoritative place to find information about used coffee grounds, and will also be keeping track of the progress of the Ground to Ground initiative.

Of the tonnes of used coffee grounds that are discarded each day, only a small amount is collected for reuse – an opportunity lost, considering the benefits of this natural resource.

Recycling coffee grounds would have to be one of the easiest ways to make a difference, and for anyone interested in gardening, composting, vermiculture, or just environmental awareness, this site can show you how to get involved for all our benefit.

Where to Get Started on this Site

If you are new to the site, start by reading the Ground to Ground Primer, which details the benefits of coffee grounds and history of the initiative. From there you will find a wealth of information on how to collect and then reuse coffee grounds, including plenty of coffee ground pictures.

For Cafes wanting to reduce their contribution to landfill, and demonstrate to customers a commitment to environmental issues, you will find the Coffee Ground to Compost article a good place to start.

For any individual working in an office, if you have an espresso machine, then you can get involved by organising a Ground to Ground group in the workplace. You will find the Collecting Coffee Grounds from the Office series of articles outline all the steps you need to take.

Contributors to the Ground to Ground Site

This site receives input from the very people that use coffee grounds in their gardens. Some of our contributing experts include:

Shane Genziuk – Editor of Coffee Grounds to Ground, and founder of the Ground to Ground initiative. Shane is quickly turning his garden into a Fruit Forest, with the latest project being the replacement of his Kikuyu covered front yard with lawn Thyme and lawn Camomile.

Deborah Rothenberg is a London Leader for 2012, and will be taking on the challenge to encourage cafes to hand out their spent coffee grounds, and hopefully write a few posts about her experiences in spreading the word.

Sam Healy – Sam is a contributing author for Ground to Ground and coordinates the collection of used coffee grounds from his workplace. Sam has become quite the composting expert of late, with his recipe of horse manure, straw, and coffee grounds proving to be a sure fire way to generate quality soil in only 18 days.

Jonathan Mackley – Jonathan is a contributing author for Ground to Ground and collects most of his used coffee grounds from a lovely office at the Docklands, Melbourne. Jonathan is always on the lookout for increasing his self sufficiency in the home.

Amalie Digby – Amalie is a contributing author for Ground to Ground and a keen home gardener, having been successful at growing almost anything from a coffee compost blend. Amalie collects her coffee grounds from the office and is one of the most eager participants in the Ground to Ground initiative.

Bianca Genziuk – Bianca is a policy adviser and researcher for the Ground to Ground Initiative. She is also a lawyer who is dedicated to assisting her community, particularly as an advocate for healthcare and environmental causes.

Joining the Ground to Ground Initiative

To join the many volunteers and cafes that are involved in the Ground to Ground initiative, please contact us at groundtoground@gmail.com, or +61411012036. Always happy to help out in any way.

Thank you for stopping by and learning about the amazing benefits that the reuse of coffee grounds can have for ourselves and our communities.

doing some work to get the coffee grounds worked into the lawn

For getting the family out and about in the Garden


For feeding the creatures that give life to our soil

+Shane Genziuk