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When Chickens Ruled the World

I’m finding it difficult to not enjoy myself when in the company of pet chickens. They scratch around making perculular noises, moreso when they are inside their run and not outside their run… Salt is louder than the others combined. In case you were wondering – Salt is the white one, Chilli is the red one, and Pepper is the black one.

They started off as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, but it was too hard to keep track of which one was meant for which meal. Plus the kids didn’t like those names and helped me come up with the new ones. Looks like backyard chicken is off the menu boys!

OK try it now. Watch for a couple of minutes and see if you can get angry.

Nope – it can’t be done.

Salt and Chilli have taken a liking to the trampoline. Pepper may have also but she is too fat to get up that high. Pepper may infact be a dwarf turkey, but don’t tell her.

Could you imagine something with that head standing 3 meters over you? It would be called a Dinosaur!

I was very tempted to buy a Silky hen at the Queen Victoria Market today. So close that the $15 was in my hand. Something held me back but not sure what. The city of Glen Eira will let you keep 6 hens without any licence, so that is not an issue. Are three pet chickens enough for one small suburban block?

Maybe not, but it is enough to make me laugh. And eggs. Can’t forget those eggs.

9 thoughts on “When Chickens Ruled the World

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  4. Don’t buy a silkie and put it in with the big gerls. They’ll bully the poor little thing. We had some silkie chicks and when 3/4 of them turned out to be boys, we gave all of them back to the breeder. See? There WAS a reason you didn’t part with the $$$!


  5. built a chicken tractor for mine so I can move them around. They will attack your vegies if you turn your back for a split second. Brocoli/Kale is like caviar to them!


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