Coffee Grounds in the garden

Garlic and Coffee Grounds

There always seems to be a shortage of garlic at my house.

Either we use it all, or use none and those little green shoots start coming out of the cloves.

Sometimes they are not good to start with, and smell like they have been sitting in water. Then there is the issue about garlic coming in from China and Mexico, why don’t we just grow it all here?

I started planting garlic earlier this year, from those poor little cloves that started to grow shoots while still in the kitchen. Over Winter they sat in a lovely coffee compost, and really started to grow as the soil warmed over Spring.

With our supermarket supplies of poor quality garlic running low, I thought it time to pull out a couple and get them into the food. As you can see below, they were growing very well in the garden.

holding up my collection of garlic

This monster garlic is going to take a few weeks to get through. And must remember to keep a clove or two for planting. This garlic plant was sitting in plot 1, which has been treated to large quantities of coffee grounds added directly, horse manure, and compost (with yet more coffee grounds).

a monster garlic feed coffee compost

This is what you would consider a normal sized garlic. I could tell it would be smaller by the thickness of the stalk but the difference between the two really surprised me.

this is a normal kind of garlic

You know, just hanging garlic out to dry.

garlic grown in coffee compost hanging to dry

A good place to dry out, and when the sun comes out again they will sit outside for a little while. At the base of the monster garlic you can see the soil clinging to the roots, which is more or less from coffee grounds, horse  manure, and garlic.

garlic grown in coffee compost hanging to dry

If you are considering growing garlic plants at home, keep in mind that they grow well in coffee grounds, be that added directly, or via the compost.
+Shane Genziuk

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3 thoughts on “Garlic and Coffee Grounds

  1. Love this! I just plopped a “sprouted from my cupbord due to neglect” clove directly into some coffee grounds straight out of the brewer. I put the filter and all into a peat pot. We’ll see how this pans out 🙂


  2. Just started growing a batch of garlic in a coffee compost like you suggested. I’m finding that the plants are growing nice and strong and none of them have died yet. Normally loose a quarter before they are ready so maybe it was something to do with the soil. Will keep adding coffee grounds to the soil and see if it helps other plants.


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