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How to Crack Open a Quail Egg

It is not just about cracking an egg – its a lifestyle!

Quail eggs are delicate little things. They break easily and when they do the shell can easily disintegrate in with the contents, leaving you with an inedible mess.

So you want to enjoy quail eggs and keep your fingers? Here is how to do it.

Take a sharp serrated knife and rest it firmly against the wide end of the egg.

opening a Japanese quail egg

Slowly cut into the shell.

cutting open the egg with a serrated knife

The top should come right off, hopefully without too much shell getting into the contents.

top part of quail egg on knife

Any little pieces of shell can be removed that this point with the tip of the knife.

an opened quail egg

And out we go…

easy way to pour out contents of egg

An opened quail egg – shell free.

contents of courtnix quail egg

Now you know…get cracking!

And don’t forget to compost the egg shells or into the worm farm – a great source of calcium in both.
+Shane Genziuk

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