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Collecting Coffee Grounds

Collecting Ground Coffee at The Office

I have been collecting coffee grounds for some time now and one of the best places available is the office. In a previous post about collecting coffee grounds from work I wrote about how satisfying it was to benefit from the cruel coffee addiction of others.

The kind people of Sodexo have included ground to ground in their latest addition of ecovillage (scanned below with text available below that), and I’ve been told this goes to all the Sodexo sites around Australia, of which there are many.

Coffee Grounds article in Sodexo ecovillage

Coffee grounds gain a second life

As Australia continues its love affair with the freshly grounded coffee, the issue of coffee ground waste is one that will not go away. One entrepreneurial person in Victoria has had enough of seeing this valuable waste resource going to landfill and is now collecting it for garden beds in the local community. This would seem to be not only a personal passion, but also the opportunity to educate business about the value of coffee grounds to the environment when used correctly.

In Melbourne, CGU are leading the way by keeping the coffee grounds separate from general waste. These are then collected and taken away to be used in vegetable/fruit gardens. If you would like to learn more and you are in the Melbourne area, check out the website at

Ground Coffee Collection Picks Up!

My next post (unless of course a poem or two finds its way to this humble little blog), will focus on the take up of coffee ground collection by my colleagues at 181 William St. About 40 people are involved now, and that is pretty cool because it demonstrates how bottom-up initiatives such as these can be so effective when you get some numbers behind it. In that post will be the steps to follow to get this established in your office or building, or little office, ETC.

The most important this is that you get involved to make a difference, anywhere you can.

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