Coffee Grounds in the garden

The garden – August 10

Great to see progress in the garden month on month, and it should be an interesting thing to capture as the weather improves and the tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, and pumpkin get bedded in.

So how are things going in what has been a cold, wet, and unfriendly month for the gardener.

The snow peas are doing well, and have already started producing. We suffered some frost bite just as a large amount of growth was coming through so still building up to what I would consider a decent harvest.

One of the things that has set me back with this plot is that during winter it really didn’t get enough sunlight, and that was a fault of placement. Funny thing that I was never aware of how low the sun sits during the colder months, and with many things, spending more time in the garden has opened my eyes to many mysteries.

Next winter, I’m going to cover plot 2 with green manure and leave it be until late Spring. Plot 1 will become the all year plot.

The broad beans are just about to come on now, with flowers appearing on most of the stems. What a great sight it is to see broad bean flowers.

This mini broad bean is one I put into a polystyrene container and the shock of it is bringing on the flowers quickly. Can’t wait to see what happens with this one, if it keeps on giving while staying so short.

And the horse manure is breaking down nicely now, with all the rain and now the sun coming through. Have been tossing it around with all the other soil, adding coffee grounds, grass clippings, and there are a heap of worms doing their thing within.

Another few weeks and we will be ready for all those seedlings

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