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Collecting Coffee Grounds Down at the Farm

I spent the afternoon at the Collingwood Children’s Farm today, which is a secluded seven hectare rural like property in the heart of Melbourne.

It was a delightful experience to be with the family on a working farm, under a mild Summer Sun and gentle breeze.

There was one thing in particular that stood out for me – even with the goats, pigs, sheep, orchards and fields, there was this one thing…

The onsite cafe has been composting their spent coffee grounds for some time, even have a special bin for it!

coffee grounds only bin at the farm

And in their fruit crate sized compost bins goes all those coffee pucks, just waiting to be mixed in with manure, straw, wood chips, urine, and food waste.

coffee grounds composting farm

What could you do with a composting area of this size?

composting at collingwood children farm

Make sure you stop by the farm if you are ever out this way. They certainly model the correct types of behavior, and they have the soil to prove it!

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