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Caffè Macchiato – Coffee Love

double shot with milk and froth

Make Mine a Long Mac!

Let’s celebrate a double shot Caffè Macchiato (AKA Long Mac) for every day of the week.

It was only recently pointed out to me that if you order a coffee with less milk, it tastes more like the coffee? Hard to image but true – plus you avoid some calories and avoid that ‘drank too much warm milk I feel sick’ feeling.

Let the Week Begin

Start it like a work week – with a Monday Long Mac at the office.

glass of coffee

Tuesday, less milk more coffee!

cup of coffee

Wednesday at the Steak Bank in Ormond, Melbourne. Been coming to this place for 20 years and it is one of my most cherished places to visit.

cafe macchiato

Thursday at Fig Jam in Carnegie. A great sprawling cafe with very nice coffee.

tall macchiato

On Friday it was as strong as death!

cup of strong coffee

Saturday, a beautifully blended Mac.

coffee hot strong

And Sunday, another week ends as well as it began…

double shot coffee

If you like the taste of coffee more than the taste of milk, and want to feel like you are getting some value for your money – go the long mac. It will be made correctly almost some of the time 😉

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