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Coffee For Plants

Thinking of adding coffee to plants? You don’t need to look to far to find some used grounds

used grounds on trees and shrubs

Every day there are millions of espresso machines collectively creating tonnes and tonnes of used coffee grounds, and loved by all kinds of plants.

used grounds as a fertiliser

The coffee waste of today is the plant food of tomorrow. You can add the grounds to compost, or directly to plants via the soil – just throw some down and scratch it in.

Shane Genziuk spent grinds

Now get back to work!
+Shane Genziuk

A bucket of coffee grounds prior to being used...

A bucket of coffee grounds being used on plants – and my hand is there also! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8 thoughts on “Coffee For Plants

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  4. I need some feedback on an idea. My company, Mighty Grow Organics, manufactures organic fertilizer from our pilot plant in rural Alabama. I am talking with a major packager of coffee on Monday to discuss how to utilize their waste coffee. This would be coffee they spill while packaging coffee for their customers. We are talking about literally truck load quantities of coffee. I want to add the coffee to some of my specialty fertilizer mixes, such as fertilizer for roses, blueberries, camellias and maybe tomatoes.

    I would love to get some feedback from the community on how this could be done and what, if any, pitfalls I might face.


    • Great to hear from you Michael, and thank you for getting in touch. The only issue I can see here is that you should only be using spent coffee grounds, otherwise you will need to figure out how to remove the caffeine. Is that the case or is it freshly ground coffee you will be collecting?
      Happy to provide as much help as you need, and in fact I approached a few organic fertilizer manafacturers and to date you are the only one that seems keen on the idea of utilizing this valuable resource.
      You can catch me direct at


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