Garden and Nature in Words

A Duty Points to Here

That way leads to a home
wood and bricks kept warm by fire
stoked by a woman expecting me
her belly swollen with our second
the first sleeping in his crib
I hope he sees me in a child’s dream
as tall and strong and sure
laughing off the sleet and snow
My wife will check the food stores today
see to it they stay dry and secure
over these long dark months of cold

That way leads to a monster
could be a man I wasn’t sure
it stood 7 feet tall
holding a wolf up by the neck
sad limbs hanging still in a chill wind
this thing opened its mouth
fangs and tongue a putrid black
the echo of crushing bone and tearing flesh
all the while staring at a scared farmer
through fist sized eyes of crystallised blood
its pale skin coated with flesh and guts

Did it smile at me
as I turned to run
taking note of my steps
and where they led

I see an arrow in my mind
sitting high in the air
pointing in the only direction I can go
the only one I want to pass
to home

Inspired by Magpie Tales.

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