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Cafes Recycling Coffee Grounds – Little Cupcakes

Collecting Coffee Grounds – Little Cupcakes

This post is dedicated to the Little Cupcakes coffee shop located in Goldsbrough Lane, Melbourne. This cafe is one of the participants in the Ground to Ground initiative, which aims to make better use of spent coffee grounds.

As the name suggests, Little cupcakes make… cupcakes that happen to be small. Not like the claggy brick sized horrors that you might find at the corner convenience store. A large amount of their cupcakes seem to find their way into the office, and too close to my desk. I must have eaten them 🙂

As you can see from the image below, we have the cupcakes in question on  the espresso machine, and below that is the Ground to Ground Logo.

The espresso machine at Little Cupcakes
From Coffee Grounds

Another angle, all the better to admire the Ground to Ground logo.
The little cupcakes espresso machine

And the shop front for Little Cupcakes.
The front door of the little cupcakes store in Melbourne

Now most of the credit for these guys getting involved goes to Lora, who needed no convincing on the merits of recycling coffee grounds. It really is a pleasure to have met her, Simone, and the other staff from Little Cupcakes. A big thank you from all of us involved in the Ground to Ground initiative.


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2 thoughts on “Cafes Recycling Coffee Grounds – Little Cupcakes

  1. Hi from England,

    You have a great blog. The photographs are good. I don’t like coffee and so not that useful for me and we certainly can’t grow bananas in England. It’s hard growing anything this year, too dry in April and hasn’t stopped raining since! I wonder if I can make compost out of teabags! our worms reminded me of experiments with worm farming – they are great for making compost!


    • Yes you can use teabags in compost but not as the main ingredient. Teabags do just fine in the heap and in the worm farm. and thanks for the advice on the site, I’m making some long overdue changes as a result.


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