Coffee Grounds in the garden

Effect of Used Coffee Grounds on Mosquitoes

The Yellow Fever Mosquito Looses to Coffee Grounds

I came across an interesting study into the effect of used coffee grounds on the Aedes aegypti L. (Diptera: Culicidae), otherwise known as the Yellow Fever Mosquito.

The authors suggest of used coffee grounds (UCG):

…the results obtained herein reinforces the validity of considering used coffee ground preparations as possible auxiliary in the alternative control of this mosquito, mainly in the gardens.

The study continues into some depth about their experiments and the outcomes, in which 100% mosquito mortality was achieved with a specific concentration of coffee grounds, in water 9 days old.

What I’ll be doing now is trying the same thing in my backyard and see what happens. There are a number of spots that collect water and mosquitoes have been a problem this year.

Chalk up another win for coffee grounds. Buzz you later.

Aedes aegypti in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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7 thoughts on “Effect of Used Coffee Grounds on Mosquitoes

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    • Cheers SP. I’ve tried killing full grown spiders with coffee grounds (in the name of science and not something I would typically do), and it did not have any effect on them. It does seem to work better with the eggs however. Maybe it just smothers them, but it works whatever it does!


  2. Very interesting article on how to kill Mosquitoes. I’ve used coffee grounds for gardening but never for controlling insects. Might try it out.


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