Coffee Grounds in the garden

Coffee Grounds and Worms

I have written a number of posts about the benefits of coffee grounds in attracting worms to your garden, and then helping to make them them nice and healthy. If you want to review any of my previous articles, this is the link to the list of Ground to Ground articles, everything you wanted to know about using coffee grounds in the garden or for compost.

If you recall the post I wrote about Mega Worm, where a beast from the deep emerged, I am now pleased to report that it has a big brother. Man Worm!!!

I know its just a worm, but the thing was so big and angry to be out from under a box of slowly maturing compost (most of which was coffee grounds), I almost called a professional animal catcher 🙂

The Huge Earthworm that feeds off coffee grounds

That little thing crawling over man worm is a normal worm, and if you saw that one all by itself you would think its a good sized worm.

The Huge Earthworm that feeds off coffee grounds compared to normal worm

Now confident enough to touching earthworm beast, it would not stay still long enough to get the full length of it in my hands. And every now and again it would rear its head into the air. Yes folks, worms love coffee grounds.

The Huge Earthworm that feeds off coffee grounds

Trying to pat man worm was not a good idea. I think it cursed me and went looking for another fix of coffee grounds.

The Huge Earthworm that feeds off coffee grounds

The beast is now somewhere under plot 3, where I’m going to grow corn, sunflowers, and cucumbers. Will get some photos up shortly, and sing songs in honour of man worm.

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Grounds and Worms

  1. Hey there,
    Not positive but these worms (Man & Mega) might very well be the invasive Asian worm (aka Jumping worm). Check it out, they’re not so good for the garden afterall. You may have trouble knowing by their castings (Poo) as it resembles and feels like coffee grounds (!)


  2. How do you avoid hitting them when you’re preparing the soil? I don’t rototill but I still spade…while I don’t slice up as many, I still hit a few.


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