Garden and Nature in Words

Some Place

Male chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs).

There is a tree outside my window, a green
honeycomb of twigs and leaves
Birds make it their home, dart from here
to there, and sing to each other
but not to me

Today I saw one of the birds near the
base of that tree, more still than before,
just the movement of plumage as
that gentle breeze passed through
Is that song amongst the leaves in memory of you?

I stood there and watched you, returning
slowly to the earth, and thought it sad,
that your wings could not take you
where I wanted to be

15 thoughts on “Some Place

  1. The line Sherry mentioned stood out for me too, gave me pause, almost like a moment of silence. And oh, the sadness and longing of
    “your wings could not take you
    where I wanted to be “.


  2. Beautifully written and heartfelt. I love the birds….and especially like the line “Is that song amongst the leaves in memory of you?” Beautiful and sad ending. Just lovely.

    Many thanks Sherry for your thoughts. I did like that line also and was going to expand on it, something along the lines of ‘would you sing for me when there is no one standing behind the window’, something like that. Then realised it was saying enough as it was – SG.


  3. Haunting and stirred powerful feelings in me of sorrow and transition…so well done…

    A big thank you Lynette. Reading it back now I am finding similar feelings, and hope this character can move ahead with dreams of his own making – SG.


  4. Shane,
    I love all the emotion I felt reading your words. The guided imagery of losing a loved one~ Sad, but powerful; I loved it!

    Awesome to hear Ellen, thank you for stopping by – SG


  5. Shane,
    An excellent piece of writing to capture the flights of human emotion from time to time.
    Loved the bird imagery as well…
    Best wishes, Eileen

    Cheers Eileen, those comments mean a lot to me – SG.


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