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A Family of Snails

Spending time in the garden almost always throws up something unexpected. What appeared to be a leaf, among many leaves, was a home of snails. Just look at them, and as happy as they were, the chickens were happier!

Farming snails has crossed my mind a few times, and some Permies endorse the practice as a viable micro livestock alternative to quail and rabbits. Now finding an Escargatoire in my front yard was kind of cool, and the snail harvesting thing is going to happen one day. But not today unfortunately – these little shelled buggers are about third on my list.  For now they can serve as a ready source of protein for chooks, or to fall under a handful of coffee grounds.

snails under leaves
Yet another reason to spend time in the garden doing not much of anything, because this is when interesting things have a habit of reaching out to you.

7 thoughts on “A Family of Snails

  1. Ever since we put out pond in we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of snails in the garden. I love coming out into the garden in the morning and seeing all the wildlife.


    • It does Charlie, and thanks for writing. There are a few tricks with it but the information I’ve found about snail farming seems to show a mildly lucrative and quaint business. You can also start it off small, and for very little upfront investment.


  2. after losing at least 2 polycarbonate windows in the recent storm I am now contemplating what to do. I could replace them maybe at about maybe $30 each but I am thinking I should turn it into an opportunity. I have put all the good panels on the wind exposed sides. I just have 2 missing from the south side (no sun) which is pretty protected. The gap to fill would be 1.5 meters high by 1.5 metes wide. What I am thinking of doing is building a wooden box 1.5 * 1.5 * 1. I would then fill it with wood chip in the winter (and coffee gounds)
    and harness the heat. Probably leave it empty in the summer so as to create air flow. What do people think too ambitious?


  3. my chickens dont like them unfortunately. I heard squashing them just releases the eggs. So I put all slugs and snails in a container full of water. It produces a disgusting smelling substance. I think I have had success putting this substance in bowls around my seedlings. I think slugs have really sensitive smell.


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