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The Lemon is Mightier than the Mango

Which of the following do you think represents the best value for money?

A lemon tree for $16…

lemon trees for sale

A mango for $6…

mangos for sale at supermarket

Besides the fact that you would really need to love mangos to splash out 6 bucks for one, the first thing that came to mind was that you can grow hundreds of lemons over decades, for less than the cost of 3 mangos. All a lemon tree requires is a nice sunny spot, plenty of damp mulch for those surface roots, and the odd bucket of dissolved coffee grounds. And maybe serving as the  garden urinal from time to time is good also!

So what do you think – is the lemon tree mightier than the mango?

2 thoughts on “The Lemon is Mightier than the Mango

  1. Now if that was a mango tree, and I could actually grow mangoes where I live, then I would totally go with the mango. $6 for one piece of fruit, that’s just crazy! I guess I already answered that question since I have a lemon tree in my backyard and I haven’t had a mango in years. I sure do miss those though; especially right off the tree when they are so juicy you have to practically stand in the shower so that you can eat them. So good…


    • Yes they are. In Melbourne we can’t get them grow under normal conditions so rely on the Northern states for these. I was up there recently and they are all over the place. I would expect they would be even less likely to spend $6 on a single fruit.


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