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The Pumpkin of 2012

I love pumpkin at the worst of times.

And when it is from my own garden… bliss.

This pretty was grown from the seeds of my last pumpkin crop, and the results have been as good as last time.

pumpkin 2012

And this is where she sat throughout summer.


And this is an example of what pumpkin is renowned for – popping up unexpectedly from compost. One of the seeds from a supermarket bought butternut survived in that compost for months before turning into the vine that gave me this:

home grown pumpkin

My thanks to the graduating class of 2012, with an eye to the crop of 2013!
+Shane Genziuk

4 thoughts on “The Pumpkin of 2012

  1. Me too! I’m not sure if I’ve got pumpkins or gourds but I’ve got about 10 huge plants growing out the side of one compost bin, and I think I spied a couple of tomatoes growing in the other. Don’t you love the little volunteers?


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