Ground to Ground

Ground to Ground – Cool Kids Day 2011

Great news to report, with Ground to Ground taking part in the recent Closed Loop Cool Kids Day 2011.

This was an opportunity to spend time with the general community discussing some of the things that I’m doing with coffee grounds, worm farms, and worm team.

We arrived to see a huge sign with the words:

Ground to Ground

     Worm Farm

We got busy unloading all the goodies from the car, then setting up the stall, and before too long, heaps of nice people were coming up to us asking all about coffee grounds.

ground to ground at cool kids day

As part of the event, I brewed up some worm team and handed out used coffee grounds in used coffee cups! Here is some random child (who would identify himself as being a ‘random dude’), making a mess, before running off to eat fairy floss and leaving me to run the whole thing alone for the next 4 hours.

used coffee grounds at cool kids day

The Closed Loop and Cool Australia logos along with some of the new cafe posters.

ground to ground sign with cafe posters

So here we have the stall – a plastic box of compost, my portable worm farm (which I now use for demonstrations), and the bucket of worm tea up the top.

the ground to ground stall

I had great interest from the kids about compost worms, and I handed out about 50 mini worm farms to them. I gave them instructions on what to do with them once they got them home, and hope they don’t end up in the back of the car for a month!

So it was a great day, and I got to speak with heaps of people about collecting coffee grounds from cafes and offices. Gave out a hundred or so fridge magnets and brochures, and this might be one of the reasons why hits to this site keep going up!

Thanks to all who organised the day, and hope to see you at the next one in 2012 🙂

Stay tuned for more news from the world of used coffee grounds collecting, as the revival of this centuries old practice picks up.

Shane Genziuk at Cool Kids Day 2011

6 thoughts on “Ground to Ground – Cool Kids Day 2011

    • Well Suzie, it is fairly easy:

      – Put a couple of pen tip sized holes into the bottom of a used coffee cup
      – Add a layer of wet newspaper or leaves (leafmold even better)
      – Find some worms and the soil they live in, fill the cup 2/3 full (even better if you pull them out of an established compost bin / worm farm)
      – Add some used coffee grounds and semi dry grass
      – Fit the lid firmly into place

      That’s it! Try not to leave them in there for more than a week or two, because the mini worm farm is for temporary accommodation only!


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