Ground to Ground

Coffee Shop Posters

A Used Coffee Grounds approach to the fine art of Cafe Posters

I find it weird sometimes to be on the computer so often, when all I really want to do is be outside amongst the dirt and bugs. What the computer allows for is creativity in a limitless digital space, in some ways more appealing than the physical alternative.

So on behalf of speciality software and a couple of hours, I present to you the first set of Ground to Ground Coffee Shop Posters!

Poster 1 – Stay Grounded

cafe poster for coffee shop 1

Not too hard to come up with this one. Coffee Grounds – Stay Grounded… get it?

Poster 2 – No Grounds No Glory

cafe poster for coffee shop 2

Was there a movie by the name of ‘Who Dares Wins’ or ‘Death Before Dishonour’? That might have been the inspiration behind this one. Or it could have been some 80’s fitness tape – No pain, no gain. Or was it ‘No Guts, No Glory’. Mmmm, hard to say really.

Poster 3 – Pay for the Coffee Grounds but the drink is free!

cafe poster for coffee shop 3

What if you paid for the bag of used coffee grounds and got a free coffee, rather than the other way around? The difference between ‘waste’ and ‘resource’ comes down to our own preconditioned perceptions, which is why I really like this one.

Poster 4 – Make mine a double shot!

cafe poster for coffee shop 4

Now I have the plants doing the speaking. The coordinates really do point to an orchard Apple tree.

Poster 5 – None on the flowers idiot!

cafe poster for coffee shop 5

And where would we be without a pumpkin – and this is how it would talk if it could. Grumpy all the way!

I hope you have found appeal in one or more of these posters. Let me know your thoughts, including suggestions for the next set.

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