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Raising Awareness of Used Coffee Grounds

I had one of those moments this week when I realized it was the start of June, the return of a Melbourne Winter, and 3 months from when I was invited onto the Food Fight program on Radio 3CR (855AM). Used coffee grounds was the topic; why they are good for the garden, what got me into collecting them, and why everyone else should be doing the same.

A work colleague asked recently if he could get a listen, and so my many other used coffee grounds related posts are getting pushed out by a week to make room for this one.

The hosts of the show, Michelle and Domenica, were a pleasure to speak with, and there is something very grounding about community radio, less polished yet professional, honesty over hubris, and all in all refreshing to listen to.

Go get the popcorn, make a coffee, slice open an apple, or an onion, whatever it takes to keep you listening. I start at around the 3 minute mark.

Collecting coffee grounds is a very satisfying part of my gardening experience, as is having others join me in it. For those of you that are considering collecting coffee grounds for composting and all that other good stuff, start with the Ground to Ground Primer.

What is your coffee grounds story?

14 thoughts on “Raising Awareness of Used Coffee Grounds

  1. Hi fantastic to see/hear an Australian using ‘coffee grounds’.I just recently read/heard about using ‘coffee grounds’ when researching ‘improving my soil’ for gardenias etc, and came across ‘USA’ website who exstoll the virtues, of using these.I live in Perth,W.A, and phoned many local coffee shops, and to be honest, they had no real interest, stating ‘to much trouble’,fortuneately on the of chance my husband popped into a smaller shop, and luckily the owner, was happy to oblige,even mentioning he’s a gardener and had heard of this,so was very willing to help.We purchased 3x 60ltr buckets and wrote our name etc,and every day we now get 2 bags,to help in my garden.I havn’t put them around yet,as I’m [more hubby] shifting camellias,to improve soil,and to replant taller ones.So if my garden doesn’t grow with all the goodness,manure ,pine bark, green waste ,and now coffee grounds, then I’m giving up’,but then maybe if all goes well my new name will be ‘mary'[mary mary quite contrary etc].Pity more coffee shops should be ‘on board’,it costs nothing to them, other than to not put in ‘rubbish bin’.So come on ALL you coffee shops, help our enviroment.


    • That is a fantastic story Cheryl, and I would love to know how it goes for you. I agree that more coffee shops need to get involved, but you know that is exactly what you and I are doing so let’s keep at it!


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    • Thanks Karren, and anytime you want to tell me about your composting stuff I can be your audience! I actually don’t know how many people listen to the radio anymore but hopefully plenty got to hear about coffee grounds.


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