Garden and Nature in Words

3 thoughts on “His Special Ways

  1. Hi Shane – thanks for the insight..I really must try to find inspiration from visual things too..thanks for visiting also (sorry didn’t realise at first that ‘ground to ground’ is your site!) I love all those photos of your ‘growing’ projects..Jae

    It’s all good Jae, I changed the name of the site to Coffee Grounds to Ground and then the URL to I’ll keep going with the duel track of coffee grounds for as long as it keeps working!! – SG


    • Jae, I will normally write the words and then find the image that best captures the perspective of the character. At the final edit is the chance to tease the edges, although at that stage it’s mostly done.
      Occasionally there is a photo supplied with the word prompt, so it is seeing the image from a number of points, selecting the most appropriate one, and going with it.


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