Ground to Ground

7 thoughts on “Ground to Ground Brochure – From Cafe to Coffee Compost

    • Thank you and please do give it a try. Not only can those cafes reduce their contribution to landfill, you also get an effective fertiliser for free 🙂 Let me know how it goes, and if you need help along the way get in touch.
      ps – I’m in East Bentleigh so not too far away…


  1. Nice idea. Great work shane genziuk. Thanx for promoting this Eco-friendly suggestion. I like the brochure design. Its very natural and simple. I will suggest some my friends about this. Its great to recycle things and lending our hand to the betterment of our planet. Using the left over grounded coffee in gardens is a great idea. I appreciate your work. 🙂



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    • Thanks Stephanie – hope you can find a way to use it. Was thinking about doing more examples cafe brochure because this one seems to be generating a lot of interest from cafes. Hope that you get some value from this brochure!


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