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Things You Never Told Me

Relief originally found in the Apadana of Pers...

You never told me that my friends would die
until one day there were none left
having thrown themselves before me
as the arrows fell
or to take the brunt
of their champion’s rage
true warriors all
and the statues that stand now
the ones that our people stare up to
are just of me

You never told me that I would bed my cousin
to continue your line
on a lonely throne
surrounded by schemers and opportunists
who would never know how it felt
to have cut through another man
from close enough to smell the stench
of his breath and his fears
and see his eyes roll back in their sockets
as the life spilled out
and somewhere another widow toils alone
and a son that dreams of vengeance

You never told me that I would kill your brother
on the night he poisoned my queen
from the goblet we use to celebrate
the birth of a firstborn son

You never told me that we would be immortal
every decision judged beyond our years
each path rent through the traps of fate
a golden crown full with jewels yet bare
you never told me that I would hate you

Once when I was young
you lifted me up
and held me in your arms
my head resting in your warm hand
and as your beard brushed against my face
you whispered that you loved me
you should never have told me that

15 thoughts on “Things You Never Told Me

  1. Really very interesting retelling of an old tale.. I enjoyed reading it again… specially your last line “you should have never told me that..”

    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya


  2. love your supportive manner,
    you add favor and light to our party,
    Happy Thursday,
    Sign in to follow us,
    take good care…
    See you next Monday….


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