A Forest Garden - Record of Progress

The garden – June 10

I have really started to appreciate the things that I can grow and eat myself. Take this broccoli for example, which had been cut from the plant about 5 minutes before the photo was taken. It still has coffee grounds on it, which is something that I’m applying to the garden in increasing volume.

Most importantly however, is that this fine looking specimen was washed, steamed with parsnip and pumpkin, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Things are looking good in the ground for this time of year. In this picture from left to right you can see nasturtiums, a monster coriander, and some garlic. At the back is some kale, and on the right is the broccoli, you can even see which ones have already been taken from, and am waiting for those ones to provide side shoots.

We have some good activity in plot 2 also. From the back we have some beans, brussel sprouts, lettuce (maybe Cos?), more garlic, and a strawberry yet to be re-potted. And the whole lot is covered with coffee grounds, straw, rich compost, and these little guys….

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