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Ground to Ground

Oh, the Veggies You’ll Grow!

Oh, the Veggies You’ll Grow! It’s time to get up! Veggies are calling. There! ‘tween the tweeting ten creepers crawling. With a trowel in your hand and a hand in your glove, grow tomatoes! Corn! Greens! Whatever you love! Farmer Dan Brown! You know what tastes good! Le MonsterAnto would bottle yours if he could! … Continue reading

The Amazing Opportunitites in Coffee Pulp Recycling
Coffee Grounds in the garden / Ground to Ground

The Amazing Opportunitites in Coffee Pulp Recycling

Photos taken by Zach Latimore on Finca Idealista Farm, Matagalpa, Nicaragua For most people, coffee grounds represent the “end” of the coffee process. Everything that has happened to those beans since they were picked from the tree has been done with the end goal of roasting them, grinding them, and then brewing coffee with them. … Continue reading