Ground to Ground

The Ground To Ground Map – Find Used Coffee Grounds

If you fall into one of these, you are at the right place:

  • You looking for a place to find used coffee grounds
  • You know of a coffee shop that is giving out their grounds and want to pass it on
  • You use the Internet and/or are alive

This is the only map of its type, so let’s join the dots!

So you know a place that gives out their grounds? Take a minute to use the form below and make a lasting difference. If they are already on Google Maps, just send me the map page URL.

16 thoughts on “The Ground To Ground Map – Find Used Coffee Grounds

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  5. Just added Cafe Euro at 486 Bourke Street Melbourne.
    Better speak to Vinnie the Barista if you are going to colllect. Best to collect around 2pm when the lunch rush has finished. Expect about 7kg!

    Thanks Sam!


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