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The Day of Chicken Ouch!

I’m not sure which one of the chooks is responsible for this egg monster, but damn that must have hurt! I let out a groan pulling this one out of the nesting box – poor chicken. Although they all seemed to be doing the usual kind of chicken things with no obvious signs of distress.

holding a huge egg

Eggs are normally in the 60 gram range, but this one was closer to 100 grams.

2 regular eggs and one monster egg


Never one to turn down an omelette, I can report that this unusually large egg tasted as ordinarily good as any other home laid egg.

So yet again the chickens have surprised me. They are really wonderful animals to have in the yard, and I can’t imagine a time when there is not a small flock of them to turn our kitchen scraps into eggs and fertilizer.

I’m curious to know if you have ever had something weird happen with your chickens or livestock. What else can they do that’s weird, unusually, or just plain bizarre?


large egg and small egg

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