Ground to Ground

A New Writer Joins!

Hi folks, just a quick message welcoming Paul Wyer as a fellow author on

Following a call out to you good readers and like minded work colleagues, Paul raised his hand to get involved, and so will soon start posting about his own gardening adventures.

The reason in reaching out to this community to expand the site to a group blog was a fairly simple one for me: there are so many stories out there that need to be shared, and one person can’t do it all alone. In the same way that Ground to Ground succeeds as a decentralised model for the collection of coffee grounds, we achieve more in purposeful collective action than in individual actions.

Paul has been collecting used coffee grounds for about as long as I have, and has plenty of experience on this and related topics.

So please welcome Paul when you get the chance, and if you too would like to become an active blog author on this awesome site, just let me know.

Shane Genziuk

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