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The Day the Chickens went on Strike!

Chickens are great. You give them food scraps and a warm place to sleep and they return you eggs and fertilizer. It’s a pretty sweet deal. But sometimes the gravy egg train stops running, goes off the rails, slips off the tracks – you get the idea.


Rather than lay an egg yourself what are you going to do? For those of you that have had backyard chooks for a while, it is really hard going back to the eggs they sell at the supermarket, even if they are from ‘freerange’ chickens. No my friends, time for the ultimate backup plan – turn to a secondary layer.

Quails do more than go into soup

Besides turning up on plates in fancy restaurants, the humble quail is a reliable egg layer in its own right. Sure they are about 15 grams each, but when you have a few of them and they lay almost everyday expect during mid-Autumn to the start of Spring, that is a pretty awesome back-up plan for when the heavy guns are empty.

So for this old rooster, a good meal was made.

eggs from chicken and quail

What is your secondary source of eggs? And if you don’t what would you have?

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