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Pino’s Trattoria Giving out Used Coffee Grounds

I receive emails asking about coffee grounds from all over this fine world, and getting this one was a super treat. You see, last December, the family and I had a great holiday down at Phillip Island, and one of the highlights was an evening at Pino’s Trattoria Italian Restaurant, a local landmark.

Here is the message:

My name is Annalisa Scarlato and i run a family restaurant on Phillip Island with my mum rosa, brother Luciano and sister Romina, called Pino’s Trattoria.

We would love to be a part of the Ground to Ground initiative to show our customers that we are pro active in reducing the environmental impact of our business. How do we become a part of the program?
Below are our links:

We have already started to collect coffee, would love to put an article in the local paper as well, will maybe launch it on our website and FB page later this week, cause we are really keen to get it started.
Looking forward to your reply.

So I spoke with Annalisa today and they are right on board with collecting coffee grounds and making them available to the community. Awesome!

In the meantime, if you ever happen to be at Cowes, Phillip Island – you need to check this place out (see the Ground to Ground map if you need directions), and yes please ask them for their used coffee grounds. You will like the food, and the coffee – I was so impressed with their Long Mac that I facebooked it, that means it’s special…

 A long mac from pinos trattoria

2 thoughts on “Pino’s Trattoria Giving out Used Coffee Grounds

  1. Wow … what a fabulous thing! I love that they took the initiative to contact you … and that they are making the effort to go “green”. Congrats on your impact, as well … you are truly making a difference!


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