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Bees on Rosemary

What a delightful contrast in colors.

Deep green leaves spear from mottled brown stalks.

Powdery blue flowers under inspection from our winged hero – honey bee.

bee walking on blue flowers

rosemary in flower attracts bee

Bees enjoy white flowered rosemary just the same.

bees love rosemary

Dappled sun over gentle breeze. Stir and serve an Autumn treat.

white flowers attract bees

The white rosemary flowers will last through the Winter, and attract any bees that happen to be foraging at that time. Help a bee – it helps us all.

4 thoughts on “Bees on Rosemary

    • That sounds great, plenty of bees at your place I’d guess.
      Rosemary is such a useful plant to have in the garden and even things like getting some of it indoors in cupboards can make a difference.
      Have also seen sprigs of it hanging in toilets!


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