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For The Environment And Business – Waterless Urinals Make Sense

English: Waterless urinal - Espace Ecologie Fr...Walking into a restroom, you may not be able to tell whether or not a urinal is waterless, mainly because they look identical to those that do require water.

Nonetheless, despite the same outward appearance, the typical flushable urinal is no match for the efficient and effective waterless urinal.

In a society continually evolving and developing greener solutions to everyday practicalities, more and more aspects of our lives are becoming waterless, energy-less, and ultimately, greener.

And there is certainly a good reason: greener, cleaner solutions are almost always are financially intelligent, viable, and reasonable. This absolutely includes the installation and use of waterless urinals to regular water-wasting urinals.

The Benefits of Waterless Urinals

The obvious benefit of a waterless urinal can be found in the name itself: they save water.

According to recent studies, a single waterless urinal could save over 27,000 gallons of water every single year!

Now, not everyone may care about saving water, or the environment, or anything else that has to do with being the stereotypical “tree-hugger”. However, even if you don’t care about the environment, the financial savings are obvious.

Toilet Spy. Urinal in Berlin

27,000 gallons of water saved represents to any business, organization, or corporation a lot of money, especially if all regular urinals are swapped with waterless ones.

Now, a couple red flags may have arisen over the course of reading this article.

  1. How are odors not prevalent?
  2. Without water, how is the waste successfully carried through the plumbing?
  • Well, within the urinal typically lies a small cartridge filled with a sealant that floats on top of the excreted urine.
  • This traps odors and urine within the urinal and prevents odors from being emitted.
  • The urine remains in the bowl and forced through the plumbing as more is collected.
  • The cartridge containing the liquid must be refilled and changed periodically, but cannot compare the money saved using the waterless urinal.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Another reasonable question involves the price and maintenance of the installation and upkeep of the urinals.

Waterless urinals are typically rather cheap; many can be found for under $300.00.

The urinal is simply swapped out with the urinals in place, as they will use the same plumbing

In the long run, switching out all of a building’s urinals with waterless ones is a financially sound and smart investment, as well as an environmentally friendly one.

If your building even has a mere 20 urinals, almost 500,000 gallons could potentially be saved annually!

When looking at a long-term investment, something as simple as swapping out urinals in your building can really go a long way.

Waterless urinals are economically friendly, environmentally friendly, and equity friendly. Make the right decision; go green and save some money!


8 thoughts on “For The Environment And Business – Waterless Urinals Make Sense

  1. Awesome article and I love seeing more people talk about how great water free urinals can be.. With that said it is a scary time for water free urinals because they have not worked as efficiently as a lot of businesses / organizations had hoped…. Not so much that they dont save the water but more that they have caused some challenges..

    Some of the common challenges / issues that many organizations have expressed include:
    * Odor problems
    * High amounts of maintenance with gross time consuming process
    * Urine struvite / sludge build up in the urinal housing / plumbing (likely a product of no water or cleanser going down the plumbing – urine is very corrosive)
    * Need for cartridge replacement more often than expected
    * Too much cartridge waste being thrown away in landfills (not as Green as maybe can be)

    The good thing is that there are companies out there addressing these challenges and working hard to continue to improve the cartridge technology. One of these companies is ( LiquidBreaker, a CA based Co that makes The Green Cartridge.

    They have developed a product that has helped lots of organizations throughout the United States to solve / improve the issues above and really change their opinion on water free urinals. We are working very hard to get the word out that there is an alternative solution and The Green Cartridge can be retrofitted into an exisitng water free urinal in seconds. It also fits a variety of different water free urinal types..


  2. Have a few of these at work and they are great at saving water. Just watch out for keeping those filters clean otherwise it will stink up the joint!


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