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Diversity of Insects within a Healthy Garden

It is a great time of the year for being outdoors; a huge variety of insects and other life in all shapes and sizes, colours, functions.

They are everywhere all the time, are they are marvellously diverse.

Maybe it is all the coffee in the ground that has caused all this activity? Maybe it was the worm tea?

Maybe its just that I’m paying attention now…

Let’s start with a family favourite – the spiked and furry worm.

a caterpillar with hair

A shiny green fly rests on a Nasturtium leaf. A great contrast of greens.

On a leaf sits a fly

One of the more bizarre photos I’ve taken for a while. A couple of moths in an appropriate Spring time embrace. Delightful orange and black wings, their bodies coated with orange tinged hair.

moths are joined on a leaf

A bag of dried leaves is all it took for a colony of ants to make a home. They seem to be busy moving their eggs around, not sure from where or why.

All those little feet over dried leaves could be heard, so I sat there awhile and listened and watched them go about their business.

Ants busy moving their eggs around on a pile of leaves

I’ve had more luck with the Brussels Sprouts as a bee attractor than as a source of food! They really go for those little yellow flowers, as much as aphids go for their leaves.

a bee flying around yellow flowers

And nothing better than providing a nice welcoming environment for these little guys. Insects need a place to stay just like the rest of us, and these wooden logs are a great way to do it.

All you need to do is drill a few holes in a piece of wood.

a wooden home for bees and other insects

Yet more proof that ladybirds have visited my garden this year!

this ladybug visits the garden

And her cousin was on the other side of the garden, happily eating aphids from an apple tree.

ladybird apple tree

What kinds of diversity you have come across in your garden?

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