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Thank you for collecting used coffee grounds in 2011

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To my friend,

I wanted to write a quick thank you note for your support this year with the Ground to Ground initiative.

Shared between us all during 2011, we have saved many tonnes of used coffee grounds from going to landfill. And it has been a very good year!

All over the world, in cafés and offices, into bins and bags, used coffee grounds are picked up by our volunteers.

In most cases, these grounds are carried to private gardens, and added with other materials (grass clippings, leaves, kitchen scraps), to prepare a compost.

It takes about 6 months to turn those materials into fresh new soil, which is then used to grow another generation of fruits and vegetables.

This contribution from cafés and offices has a direct impact on the good health of our gardens, even our local communities, because we depend on a complex chain of life that starts within soil.

The community at large is increasingly interested in sustainable living, food security, and self sufficiency. Café and business customers are those same people, so their involvement in Ground to Ground says a great deal about their environmental commitment.

I look forward to continuing this initiative into 2012, and encourage you to pass on what you have learned to your family, friends, and colleagues.

You will find a wealth of information on our website – – the World’s largest and most up to date body of knowledge on the age old practise of used coffee grounds collection, and how their use can transform a typical suburban backyard into a food forest.

Kind Regards,

Shane Genziuk



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