A Forest Garden - Record of Progress

The Herb Garden

Herbs bring their own something special to the garden. Many act as an effective ground cover, a home for bugs, garnish for a salad. All those things and more…

One of their best traits is to be admired?

The photo below is from the West side of the garden, at the base of a brick retaining wall (and being a home made mess I think of it as ‘rustic’), on which rests a rainwater barrel.

Oregano (at bottom) and Marjoram (in pot on left) are closely related, my equal favourites, and the garden is full of them.

Oregano growing at the bottom marjaram up top in a opt

Hyssop planted from seed last Winter, and for some time didn’t think would make it through. Those special flowers should be coming any day now!

This herb is growing well and close to flowering

Sage growing in the lap of Rosemary and Lavender. All three seem to be enjoying each others company.

A new batch of cuttings to share with my fellow gardeners. Marjoram takes so well it almost never fails. Can’t say the same of the Rosemary cuttings, more like one in five make it through. That could be Chilean Guava cuttings on the right?

herbs for garden

If you ever get stuck thinking of something to do in the garden, I am sure there is a herb or two you don’t yet have 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Herb Garden

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  5. Pineapple mint is my favourite. Grows like a weed and loves coffee grounds, which is something you would know about! Great site by the way.


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