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Plum Trees – Spring Flowers

Plum Trees in Springtime

I had to get something out about the sight that greeted me last weekend; a glorious day so close to Spring with Plum trees bursting into flower. Bees could be heard from 5 meters, so hungry were they to welcome the new season.

These trees have been sitting in a coffee compost over the Winter, with the soil and weeds that reached to the trunk cleared away, thus warming their roots for the fruiting task ahead.

Plum Tree Coffee Compost

Growing flower buds prepare to bloom, in a sea of white, yellow, and green.

Satsuma plum in flower

A bee in mid flight, slowing with almost full pollen baskets, just behind her third pair of legs.

Satsuma flowering in Spring

And the Santa Rosa is following the Satsuma’s lead. We are expecting a bumper crop this year.

Saint Rose in Flower

For all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Springtime is nearly here. Get outside and have a look around. It won’t wait for you 🙂

6 thoughts on “Plum Trees – Spring Flowers

  1. I go out and stare at my fruit bearing trees every morning – could be a watched-pot syndrome because no flowers yet. But I’m new to this coffee ground thing and so far I’ve been focussing on my veggies and indoor plants. Should I just go out and throw a couple of handfuls under each tree? I suppose it can’t hurt. And if it accellerates the growth, my morning stares could be rewarded.


    • Yes absolutely Laura, a couple of handfuls will do just fine. There might not be an immediate benefit, because the grounds will take some time to break down into the soil, but over time they will aid your fruit trees and help their yield.


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