Coffee Grounds in the garden

Worm Farming with Coffee Grounds – Video

I had a great opportunity to capture the condition of my well used worm farm this week. That poor little camera was dragged out and asked to again show us the amazing qualities of used coffee grounds for worm farming (vermicomposting).

Sit back and enjoy!
+Shane Genziuk
Worms from coffee compost pile

6 thoughts on “Worm Farming with Coffee Grounds – Video

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    • You know I could also put some in an ice cream container and post them to you. A 4 litre container of worms and coffee grounds…. you interested?

      Actually maybe I should do some research on that first 🙂


  3. Tried worm farms with coffee grounds but made it too dry so they didnt do well. Going to add the grains like you said and see how it goes. Your worm farm is looking awesome.


    • Thanks for writing in Karen. Glad to hear you like my worm farm of coffee grounds! The worms do like some moisture at all times, and I find that flushing it through with a couple of little of rain water (to get the worm leachate), every month or so really helps the whole system run better. Best of luck with your worm farming endeavours.


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