Coffee Grounds in the garden

Gardening with Coffee Grounds – Video

Healthy soil and Plants with Coffee Grounds

Given that Summer is half way through in Australia, it seemed like a good time to record the state of my garden, plants, and use of coffee grounds.

Some of the plants you will see and like on the video are Tomatoes, Capsicums, Climbing Beans, Lettuce, Kale, Nasturtiums, Marigold, Jerusalem Artichoke, a Sunflower, Eggplant and others.

I also discuss the quality of my soil via the use of coffee grounds and take a quick look at the compost bins, including the hot compost one.

Hope it is something that people want to see, and if so I will do an update. And maybe even buy a proper video recorder 🙂

+Shane Genziuk
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6 thoughts on “Gardening with Coffee Grounds – Video

  1. I so believe in the use of coffee grounds in your gardens and on your lawn. I have seen beautiful results in all my gardens over the years. My flowers, veggies, and lawn all look better than my neighbors do. Sorry, but when one knows a better way and it saves the environment I keep pushing the word on.


    • Great to have you on the site Candy. Using coffee grounds on the garden makes a huge difference to the quality of the lawn and other plants – most fruits and vegetables, and almost always at zero cost. And to top it off is the fact that by using the grounds in the garden, you stop it going into landfill, where it is not doing anything any good. If you ever want me to include a post of your garden on this site, just let me know.


  2. What a lovely garden you have there, and appears to be that the soil and plants are all doing well. So how much coffee have you used now anyway, and how long you been gardening with coffee grounds?


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