Garden and Nature in Words

One Night Stand


I wrote a chapter in a book
full with words
some pictures
and moving parts
and left it open
for you to read
and you saw
that all the words said ‘Love’
all the pictures
were of that smile
just before I raised my fingers
to your lips
and what was moving
there on the page
was my heart
and all the parts inside

Now write some words for me
my love
fill those pages full with things
so I know
our moving parts speak the same
here let me help you
I will hold the marker
and write these words
and these pictures of me
and the moving parts
of your heart
of course
what else did you think to show
that your heart is not enough my love
that and the parts inside

You want to be released
that is fair enough my love
I thought that was a smile
and yes they were not my fingers
I don’t even have any
but it was worth a try
you see I have much to learn
about your people
and your moving parts
no hard feelings
and good luck getting home
and staying dry
within this casket
at the end of my dream


21 thoughts on “One Night Stand

  1. The twist was outstanding and the angle you came from in describing a “One Night Stand” deserves credit…I have written about same title before but the thought of this angle is amazing…Well done!

    A good way to follow the prompt….cheers!


    • Cheers mate. It was difficult limiting the details of the main character, but enough to suggest he was very different to you and I. And then there was the temptation to make him a robot or an alien, wow who knows!


  2. Not so surreal as all that! I had failed to read the title until the end, and imagined a real love story, blighted by the desire of your lover for freedom. I approve the “no regrets, go in peace” of the ending.


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