Garden and Nature in Words

9 thoughts on “Touched by Something

    • You know Leo, I had thought of a person watching the tree and the sunset, but as the tree this remains perfectly valid. Maybe this is a commonality between all living things, an addiction to stay alive.


  1. ‘Stop, don’t let me go’
    – so full of emotion – fear of impending loss / the inevitable, helplessness… also hope…

    Yes there is some hope, not a great deal but it is there 🙂 – SG


  2. I enjoyed your haiku and the photo is such a lovely touch. Wonderful!

    Cheers Write Girl. I wanted to get something with a bit more colour in it but this was all I could find. Kind of leaves a sadder feel to it, so was a better choice after all – SG


    • Cheers Ramesh. We hold on to life with everything we have, to make every second count, and eventually our current form comes to an end. I don’t want to give it up. Life is a drug, shoot it up.


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