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The Big Room


Image by wili_hybrid via Flickr

I tried to find the biggest room in my house
and ambled through it all
one of the rooms was huge on the inside
there was a whole castle in there
and a throne room
‘We will destroy the dragon’
I said to one of my knights
who looked a lot like my daddy
but without the beard
which kept falling off all the time
‘I will take you to the dragon’
said the knight who became a horse
and together we rode to a mountain
with smoke coming from the top of it
and that huge green dragon
was breathing fire on us
my shield stopped the flames
then I threw my sword at him
and he fell so I said to him
‘yeah got you now dragon poo’
so me and the horse jumped on him
until he died
and then flowers grew on that spot
and me and the horse had a cup of tea
and watched the sunset
then the rocket ship got ready to launch

Which room was the biggest anyway
I forgot I was even looking


12 thoughts on “The Big Room

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  2. great fantasy just like a child would experience it…. was it on color as well? LOL!

    Well Amanda I had wanted to expand the story and add some of other senses – maybe for the next one – SG.


  3. I really enjoyed this adventure. It reminded me of how free it is to be a child living in one’s imagination. The voice was perfect!

    Thank you nan, I really enjoyed writing it so great to hear you enjoyed reading it – SG.


  4. Shane, you write with the heart of a child in this one, the stream of consciousness and the audacity of a young dreamer. Loved it!

    Also very much appreciate your coffee grounds post; it’s an environmental piece that manages to be practical without being preachy. I’ve learned over years of activism of several kinds that the simple solutions, attainable goals, are the best way to win converts.

    Love your blog; hope to see you again soon! Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Wow thank you for the kind words, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help with any coffee related activities you ever get involved with – SG.


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