Coffee Grounds in the garden

What to do With Coffee Grounds

It had to happen sooner or later, the wonderful feeling of making a difference has spread to a whole new building. I am very proud to report that Jonathan Mackley is now collecting used coffee grounds from an office building in the Docklands, Melbourne.

Jono with coffee grounds as part of the Ground to Ground initiative

The proud owner of freshly used coffee grounds for Ground to Ground

Jonathan is a project professional at a large financial services company, and I seem to recall him playing a decent game of chess when he worked in my team, although I can’t be certain but I think he let me win a few times.

Jono with coffee grounds as part of the Ground to Ground initiative

It is raining coffee grounds gold!

When I first mentioned Ground to Ground with Jonathan, he was very keen to help make a difference. As a fellow gardener, he saw the opportunity to achieve two goals at the same time – reduce his and his colleagues’ contribution to landfill, and make use of one the best natural fertilisers available.

Jono with coffee grounds as part of the Ground to Ground initiative

A bin full of coffee grounds

It seems to be a fairly consistent experience, that once the process has been put into place, and the cleaners know what to do with the grounds, everything falls into place. Typical of larger organisations, once all the necessary people know what is going on, the collection of coffee grounds runs smoothly.

Jono with coffee grounds as part of the Ground to Ground initiative

An exclusive source of one of the best natural fertilizers out there

And this is where most of the coffee grounds are going, into the compost bin. It could just as easily go into a compost pile or stack, and all those grounds help turn the rest of the material into an excellent material for the garden.

Compost bin or compost stack will happily take the coffee grounds for the garden

The compost bin that will be used for the coffee grounds

So my friends, here is a real example of one person making a difference, and you can too. I can help in setting this up, and make it work work quickly and effectively.

Good luck, now that you know what to do with coffee grounds, go and enjoy what becomes of your garden or compost bin.

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