Garden and Nature in Words

What it Was

You mean that

Chocolate bomb
sherbet fizz
fairy floss
wrapped inside
a liquorice whip
a mule kick
a honey smack
a lamb rack
with rosemary stack
soaked in oil
and dripping wet
burnt toast with honey and jam
all that I am
all I was
a forgetful baby Albatross
that learned how to soar
just took off and left
with all that water below
like a tin of fresh blue paint
now shaken awake
this ocean in wait
to plunge in the brush
as creamy as cake
so follow this ride
feel enamel inside
so sticky and smelly
and shiny and sweet

Yeah sure
I remember my first kiss

coffee grounds for plants

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10 thoughts on “What it Was

  1. That first kiss is always remembered longest and your stream of consciousness write makes it something peerless, indeed.

    Hi there Elizabeth, it seems to be the one that stays, although there may some embellishments within!! – SG.


  2. If that’s how you remember your first kiss, it must have been a smackeroo. There’s a fascinating rhythm.

    Thanks Viv, I worked on this one for longer than usual, it was a case of what to leave it! – SG.


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