Garden and Nature in Words

Keeper of Dreams

I had that dream again
all the people in the world were standing one on top of the other
so high they went way up into space

A comet appeared
and the person at the very top took hold of it
dragging them away like a string of sausages
out into space

After a long time the comet returned
and as it passed there were new faces looking up to the sky
waving goodbye
and all the waving made the comet tilt
only slightly
enough so it would never again return to Earth
while people hanging off the comet
who knew it was forever
made their tears into rain

What remained of the cities was destroyed
they would never be needed again
and after some time
no evidence of their existence remained
and that is when the dream ends
I just wake up
but sometimes my sisters wake me

The moment I wake there is always the thought that I could do something to make it real
maybe there is nothing I can really do
I’m just a little ant after all
with big dreams

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