Garden and Nature in Words

What are Barriers

He approaches the motorcade
palms sweating
heartbeat thumping
lungs burning
legs bucking

Hidden in the side pocket
a gun
cold to the touch
hard to keep a grip
with a sweaty hand
and shaking arm

No stopping now
remember their faces
taken from the village
to the freshly dug pit on the hill near that stream
where they spent mornings collected carp
trying their best to wash the taste of mud out of them
to became a meal that was eaten by the warmth of smiles and a candle

Bodyguards see him
too late to stop it all
the first bullet hits between the eyes
the next four where the head just was
another in the woman’s chest
the next he puts through the roof of his own mouth
and as the drench of bloodied brain and bone fragments come to rest
the yelling and screaming begins

There were many things that changed that day
alliances shifted and rhetoric refined
and to a handful of Deutsches Reich leadership
in which a secret was known and kept
a quandary that persisted for decades
why was the gun engraved along the side
Made in Israel


15 thoughts on “What are Barriers

  1. Great story Shane. I actually read this a few days ago and for some reason was thinking about it so found it and read it again. The way you put that together was well done, and you made me think which doesnt happen to often.



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