Garden and Nature in Words



Image by John-Morgan via Flickr

Once I overheard a man who could speak three languages
and had nothing worthwhile to say in any of them

I speak with one language
and my words are many textures
that show you what it would feel like
to run your hands over my heart
and into my life

This flower here
deep yellow and gold
made of many textures
shares a language with that little bee
and one hundred million years ago
other flowers
spoke with other bees
working together
they travel through time

How do I learn to do that
maybe run my hands over the heart
of this little bee
embrace those textures
glance the oldest ridge
to when they met in this place
agreed to a code
carved it into the stone
and I am standing here
with too many words
to describe it

Maybe knowing just one language is too many


17 thoughts on “Labels

  1. What a great treatment of the theme. First, I loved the book “Little Bee”–beautiful writing. As for yours, I especially enjoyed the theme of textures that played throughout. My two favorite “tools” in art are color and texture and you addressed them both. Superb.
    Victoria C-S

    Great to hear from you Victoria. Thank you and great to hear that you feel those textures also – SG.


  2. I enjoyed this very much. I especially liked the following lines: “my words are many textures/that show you what it would feel like/to run your hands over my heart”.


  3. Oh, the Little Bee is wonderful — especially like the allusion to co-evolutionary processes and language.
    Terrific read.

    Cheers Deb, glad you enjoyed it – SG.


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